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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tale of "The Computer Thief"

Now normally when you send your computer in to get a diagnostic and/or serviced, you think your computer is in rather capable hands.

Well lately, it would seem that that is obviously not always the case.

Today I went to drop off some parts for them to continue working on the computer.

Well lo and behold, the computer store was barricaded shut. With a notice to employees that the store had been shut down. The was something for customers which was much less specific and let us know how to contact other stores.

So far no leads have shown up as to when I'll be able to get my computer back, also if the servicing that is supposed to be done will ever happen either. All I can say is that I'd hope to be able to get some free parts and service out of this deal, since this is certainly a hassle no customer should have to deal with.

A crossfire motherboard with socket 939 and an X1900 XT would certainly be a nice addition to the deal.

Machismo, I'm out.


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