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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Funniest Day of My Life

Have you ever had a day that was so amazingly funny, that it took your breath away?

Well I just had one of those nights.

Imagine this:

You go out to a place called Hofbrauhaus (or insert your favorite place to party/hang out with your friends), and proceed to have a grand time. Then you come back home to 3 pony kegs of Heineken as well as various liquors and many other beers. After consumption of said alcoholic beverages the total photo count of the night exceeds 300 photos. Not to mention the 20 videos you've taken of friends too drunk to realize what they are doing.

Now imagine the following: In the span of 5 minutes you see someone take a hammer fist blow to the head saying that his helmet (which is an actual helmet, of steel) is impregnable. All this to have his defenses surpassed by the blow of said hammer fist. Said friend then falls on the floor whilst everyone else laughs in disbelief. After he gets in the "doggystyle" position on a couch a couple of people manage to dry hump him into oblivion. During the dry humping (which you are partaking in) you scream: "ATOMIC WEDGIE!!!!!!!!!!" and proceed to give said friend an Atomic Wedgie.

For those of you not in "the know". An atomic wedgie consists of a wedgie that is so extreme that the underwear is able to be pulled over the head of the person getting the wedgie and stay there, all while still wearing the underwear.

Now imagine laughing so hard that you almost lose consciousness as well as your breath. After a long hiatus in anything resembling civiliazation, you proceed to reminisce about the entire night with friends. Then realizing that the person best able to imbibe in alcohol has just puked blue goo all over the bathroom, while managing to still squeeze off a lovely turd in the toilet for good measure. Then more reminiscing happens while you plan a Hairy Buffalo party for the following night as well as for the Super Bowl...

What can I say... It's good to be the Machismo.

Machismo, I'm out.


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