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Friday, December 23, 2005

XBox Live on the XBox 360

I must say, I've had my first taste of Live on the 360. Here are my results...

Well first noted, the microphone is just like the last microphone. VOX really doesn't work for something like this and it is really fuzzy most of the time. However the matches were not so heated so as to require a whole lot of speaking.

The action, well the action... was superb. So far I've only played Perfect Dark Zero on the console on Live but I must say, it was a very good experience.

I highly suggest that sometime in the near future, more than likely when the price of the 360 goes down, that everyone that enjoys games pick up an XBox 360, you will not regret it. That and I need some friends to play with online.

Machismo, I'm out.


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