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Monday, November 14, 2005

Windsor and Xi's Formal Awaits

This surprisingly is going to be one of my most favorite final weeks ever. Why you may ask?

Well for starters I believe that by some miracle of nature that my finals aren't going to be that bad, PLUS I get the added bonus of probably the most fun ending of finals week ever...

I get to head up to Windsor, Canada just to DJ another of our chapter's formals. So after finals, I get paid to dress up and play music for drunken college kids, get a little inebriated myself, as well as party the whole weekend with the rest of my kickass DJ partners in crime (minus the Hyena sadly). But Machismo, Neo D, and 340 are ready to rock out with our cocks out as the ladies black out with their racks out.

Then I get over a month of solid no school, life can be beautiful.

Machismo, I'm out.


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