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Thursday, November 17, 2005


It has come to my attention that there are a lot more fuckups in this world than was previously believed. Which is a very sad thing once you think about it.

Apparently there are a shit ton of people who can't grasp the concept of money and its subsequent value as well as how it is to be handled/transferred.

If you order a service, pay them, don't dick around with the money making pussy ass excuses because you think you can get away with it because they are "friends" or something along those lines. You will be denied service you ignorant assholes.

Also, cash is a very overrated form of currency. Sure it changes hands fast and you can actually see it. But if you believe that money is a representation of a good, you are wrong. It is a representation of a number which coincides with a value. Basically, if a Dollar is worth $1 US, then you now have 1 Dollar in US Currency. Checks are not representations of a representation, they are bills in and of themselves in a way. They can be made for specific values and are more protected than cash. On top of this they leave a paper trail, which as you should know makes for good money management if something goes wrong, you can prove the check was written and cashed and now you are safe from being charged again.

Furthermore, don't be an idiot with money. Pay your bills, pay them responsibly, and pay them on time.

Machismo, I'm out.


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