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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

January Rant

Well I've been working for quite a while now on a few websites that have to be done rather soon. It would be nice if I had everything I needed to put them up, but as is there are going to be a lot of "Coming Soon!" pages that are up.

Sometimes people just are really ignorant and naive. As of late one of the biggest ones that I have noticed are the skinny girls (and yes if most people say you are skinny it is BECAUSE YOU ARE SKINNY YOU IDIOT!!!!) that seem to relentlessly call themselves fat and take BMI tests on the internet which I highly doubt are factual and think that they are leading this totally obese life. Well I have got news for you... you are AN IDIOT!!! Oh now that feels better. I'm tired of just hearing how they do not understand how some people can just see them as skinny, and how obviously they are fat because some numbers said so. Even though they are wearing size 2's and are the only ones that are able to fit into the one size fits all rubber skin tight clothes.

These people need to be shot in the foot, why I have no idea I just thought it might make the sane people out there feel a little better.