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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Fuck Off

I just figured out how to solve a ton of this countries "diversity" problems. Take the "ethnicity" and "sex" questions off of applications/scholarships/questionaires/etc. unless it 100% needs to be geared towards a demographic (i.e. a tampon, you pig-monkey turds). This way people will stop their endless bitching about "that was racial discrimination". No it was idiot discrimination you fucking douchebag, deal with it. Go hump a redneck's daughter or something and quit trying to waste our time. You want to be represented equally, affirmative action isn't the way. Getting a fucking education and becoming equally qualified is. Oh but what is that you say, "I can't get into school because I'm too stupid." Well you should have thought of that before. I'm better at what I do therefor I should get hired. Period. Now fuck off you whiney tree hugging bitches.


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