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Friday, February 27, 2004

Cafe de Carlitos

Cafe de Carlitos

Click this link, and you'll return to........ HERE...... oh I'm so clever.

On a side note feel free to visit understand the dream is over". This is a blog run by my boy Dan (a.k.a. the platypus rapist). He recently posted a blog about how people should kindly "fuck off!... in the nicest way possible", it was priceless. Feel free to head on over and read the post. Or just go here and see for yourself. Either way, this is my response, or "comment", to his blog:

"Does it count if the pig is already dead? Say in the form of honey roasted ham? Or do we have to leave said pig alive then brutally rape them and slap them like shiva with the bloodied member that was just penetrating their most intimate of orifaces?

But you know what? Time is money, and you....

are wasting my time!

On the other hand... time is a lot like cookies.


Thank you I'll be here all week.


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