The Machinations of Machismo are soon to become the 10th wonder of the world. I am not afraid to comment on any subject and gladly welcome any intelligent machinations of your own. Its time the world had a taste of true justice, dished out Machismo style.

Friday, October 24, 2003

The Maitre Di is in the hizzouse!

That's right bitches and pimps, I am in the fuckin hizzouze. Yours truly, aka The Maitre Di, aka the Bringer of Doom, aka You Will Know Me By The Trail of Dead, aka Goatboy, aka Ghostfacethrilla, is here for your enjoyment, entertainment, and most of all, excoriation. If you don't know what excoriation means, then you'll learn, you stupid worthless fucking piece of amphibian shit. I hope you choke on a two-way dildo and die, you worthless twat.

Much Love,

The Maitre Di


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