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Monday, October 20, 2003

The Beer Poem

The Icehouse was rockin’
Cause the Schlitz were all there,
Guys were poppin’ Silver Bullets,
There was Busch in the air,

While Labatt's Blue a Canadian,
Jennie creamed up her twat,
Gave Southern Comfort to Samual Addams,
While Molson licked her golden spot,

Pabst put up a Blue Ribbon,
And said we’ll have a competition,
To see which ladies honey brown,
Is truly fuckin’ bitchin’,

Killian read the results,
Miss Miller won,
We laughed,
But when she spread her legs,
We all felt the Genuine Draft,

The orgy that followed was a real Wild Turkey,
I was Smirnoff the juice from my little beef jerky,

Johnny Walker blacked out
And woke up to find,
Pete’s wicked Moose Head,
Shoved up in his behind,

Foster had a Spanish Bitch,
But when he went to Ida,
He found her way to salty,
Her name was Margarita,

St. Paulie’s Girl was on the floor,
Her snatch spilled to the brim,
Bud yelled out, “If her twat can’t hold it…,
I bet her Heineken.”,

And next to her lay Old Milwaukee,
His face down in some piss,
Gurgling like a pig,
It just doesn’t get any better than this,

So when you want a little wide mouth,
And your bruin needs some head,
Have an Amstel Light the sign that hangs above my bed,

Liquor in the front,
Poker in the rear,
Suck my fuckin’ dick bitch,
And spit it in my beer!


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